New members are welcome to join the club at any time.

Membership Fees - 2023-2024

Adults All/Any Sports
Family See note on Family Membership below
Single £240 (half price for first year)
Senior Citizen (65+) £75
Student (18+) £110
Non-Playing/Social £25

Juniors *  All/Any Sports
Junior, (aged 13-18) £120
Junior, (aged 12 or under) £100
* age at start of Membership year

Adults Bowls
Single £66
Joint (each partner) £66
Senior Citizen (65+) £66

Family Membership

The Club's family membership is designed to ensure that no family comprising one or more parents with children, all of whom are living in the same household, pay more than twice the full adult subscription in any year. In most cases, this means families in which two adults in the same household each pay the full annual subscription are entitled to enrol their children for free until they reach the age of 18. 

To take advantage of this offer, please complete our online application and choose 'Family' membership. 

If a parent (or parents) are already members or if an additional child is to be added to an existing family membership, please complete a new online application for membership but follow up your online application with an email to the membership secretary (at the address below) to confirm the relevant details.

Paying by Direct Debit

Subscriptions are payable by Direct Debit and when joining, each member must indicate a 'primary' sport which will denote the start and end of their subscription year.

  • Summer sports (Cricket, Tennis and Bowls): the subscription year runs from 1 May - 30 April and direct debits are collected in 6 equal instalments from May to October inclusive.

  • Winter sports (Hockey, Lacrosse and Squash):  the subscription year runs from 1 October to 30 September and direct debits are collected in 6 equal instalments from October to March inclusive .

  • Non-playing (social) members: subscriptions are collected in one lump sum on or around 1 May (or the first day of the month after a member joins).

If you have a more general query or wish to contact the Membership Secretary directly, please email: