Each sport ('Section') of the Club has its own officer who is responsible for membership. They assist the Membership Secretary with the administration of club membership, can respond to more section specific questions and will be very happy to help.

The current Sectional Membership Officers are:

Section Officer Contact
Bowls Andy Lowe bowls@brooklandssportsclub.co.uk
Cricket David Garnett cricket@brooklandssportsclub.co.uk
Hockey Oliver Parry hockey@brooklandssportsclub.co.uk
Lacrosse Alison Cara lacrosse@brooklandssportsclub.co.uk
Squash Fiona Munro squash@brooklandssportsclub.co.uk
Tennis Val Brisdon tennis@brooklandssportsclub.co.uk

If you have a more general query or wish to contact the Membership Secretary directly, please use the address or contact form below: