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If you have any queries in relation to membership, please use the contact details at the bottom of this page to get in touch with the Club's Membership Secretary or the membership officer for your chosen sport.

Membership Fees - 2018-2019 

AdultsNon-playingBowls OnlyAll/Any Sports
Single£47£96£205 (£102.50 1st year)
Joint£37£83£205 (£102.50 1st year)
Senior Citizen (65+)£30£55£55
Student (18+)£40£76£87
Juniors (age at start of membership year)All/Any Sports
Junior, aged 13-18£99
​Junior, aged 12 or under£79

Paying by Direct Debit

Subscriptions are generally payable by Direct Debit.

When joining, each member must indicate a 'primary' sport which will denote the start and end of their subscription year. For summer sports (Cricket, Tennis and Bowls) the subscription year runs from 1 May - 1 May. For winter sports (Hockey, Lacrosse and Squash) the subscription year runs from 1 October to 1 October.

Direct debits are collected in 6 equal instalments over the course of the season. This means that, for summer sport members, collections will be on or around: 1 May, 1 June, 1 July, 1 August and 1 September. For winter sport members, collections will be on or around 1 October, 1 November, 1 December, 1 January, 1 February and 1 March.

An instalment will only be more than 1/6th of the annual subscription if:

  1. a previous collection has been missed for some reason; or
  2. a member joins part way through a season. In this instance, the Club will pro-rate the subscription to cover the period between the date of joining and the start of the next subscription year. ​

Family memberships

Families in which two adults each pay the full annual subscription are entitled to enrol their children for free until they reach the age of 18. To take advantage of this offer, please complete our online application and choose 'Family' membership. 

If a parent (or parents) are already members or if an additional child is to be added to an existing family membership, please complete a new online application for membership but follow up your online application with an email to the membership secretary (at the address below) to confirm the relevant details.


All members should note the following policies and codes of conduct before joining.
By joining, members indicate their acceptance of these policies and codes.

Code of Conduct - Parents

Code of Conduct - Juniors

Privacy Policy

Social Media Policy

Parental Consents


Each sport ('Section') of the Club has its own officer who is responsible for membership. These
officers assist the Membership Secretary with the administration of club membership and should be a member or prospective member's first point of contact for any queries. The current Sectional Membership Officers are:


If you have a more general query or wish to contact the Membership Secretary directly, please use the address or contact form below:

Andrew Batty                        
Membership Secretary
Brooklands Sports Club